[BUILD THREAD] Boolean21's Sakura D4 RWD drift car

Got poisoned by Bro Chris's Sakura D4 RWDrift car and motivated to get this going...

Yes! I'm determined to master basic drifting on a RWD drift car! :D
I'll try! :D

Here's some photos to document the build..

Very compact packing and really, nothing much in the box! Which is good. Anyone can squeeze the build into their tight schedules. :)


Bro Chris also advised us to get the magnet mount for Sakura D4 and the pinion too.

And let the build begin!

Bag 1:

Progress is pretty fast...
Bag 2:

Everything fits so nicely together... love the pink bits!
Bag 3:


Bag 4:

Bag 5:

Bag 6:

Some spare servos that I purchased previously, put to use! :)

Bag 7:

Bag 8:
This is the bag that consists of the bumper and body posts, so I built the 3Racing Sakura Magnet mount together...

Yet to trim off the body post and install the magnet mounts.

Bag 9:

and Done!!!
One fruitful night of midnight oil consumed! :D

Will be adding the electronics soon!

Thanks for looking!

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