[Build Thread] Boolean21's NQD RC Jet Ski conversion from dual motor to jet drive

Ordered this NQD Jet ski recently after bro MoveOn triggered an interest in this...

Had been wanting an RC Jet ski for a long time, finally a kaki emerged! :D

Bro MoveOn has a deeper poison.... he converted the NQD jet ski from 2 motor drive to jet drive!
Which inspired me to do the same for mine! :D

Thanks for the poison bro! :)

This is a photo of the NQD Jet ski before the mod...

The stock battery compartment

The stock counter-rotating props

Cutting up the battery compartment........

Tore out all the drive shafts,props, and all!

Bro MoveOn happens to have a spare set of the jet drive from the NDQ jet boat and I quickly bought it over from him. :D

He also mentioned something about "size of a 20cent coin" which I remembered vaguely... Indeed! So I used the 20cent coin to mark out the hole opening for the jet drive

And then.... cut it out with a penknife...

Test fitted nicely...

Installed the jet drive into the Jet ski....
And ran the hoses for water cooling...


Did you notice something weird in the above photos? I connected both the input and output hoses to the motor... :D
I guess it was getting late... hence the silly mistake.., which I only realised when I installed the ESC... :)

Added packing foam and bubble wraps into the bow of the jet ski.... just in case..... :D



Ready for water test this Saturday!
Thanks for watching!

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