[VIDEO] Scale RC Trucks Offroad Adventures Toyota Hilux Land Rover Defender Jeep Wrangler RC4WD

[VIDEO] Scale RC Trucks Offroad Adventures Toyota Hilux Land Rover Defender Jeep Wrangler RC4WD

Some of the brands and trucks in our group are listed below:
Common trucks found on our videos

Axial Wraith
Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler
Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler G6
Axial SCX10 Honcho
Axial SCX10 Dingo
Axial SCX10 Dodge Ram Power Wagon
RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Toyota Hilux
RC4WD Gelande 2 Land Rover Defender 90
Tamiya Highlift Toyota Hilux
Tamiya Highlift Ford F350
Tamiya Highlift Toyota Tacoma
Tamiya CC01 Jeep Wrangler YJ
Tamiya CC01 Ford Bronco
RCModelex Land Rover Defender 110
HSP Pangolin
Tamiya XR311
Tamiya Hummer H1
Thunder Tiger mini crawler
Custom scratch built American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Jeep Brute
and more!

Scale Offroad RC Scale trails adventures at Woodgrove Avenue!
One of the nice scale terrain in Singapore....

A great place of our scale trucks RC adventures.

Thanks for watching!

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We are a group of passionate RC enthusiasts coming together weekly for RC fun.

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[REPAIR] Streetjam OTA-R31 - Broken universal shaft and worn spur gear

[REPAIR] Streetjam OTA-R31 - Broken universal shaft and worn spur gear

During one of the previous night drift meets, the front left universal shaft broke and jammed the wheel and steering, causing the steering arm to get in the way of the spur gear.... and in turn... the spur gear was worn out...

Parts arrived and it's time to get it ready for night drift meets!
Ordered spare universal shafts as well... just in case!

Added a servo saver to the OTA-R31 as well... hopefully it reduces breakage of the universal shafts...

Replacing the spur gear...

And the universal shaft....

And now, the OTA-R31 is ready for the drift meets again! :)

[DIY] Poor man's light buckets - DIY light buckets for the drift car body

Poor man's light buckets - DIY light buckets for the drift car body

Needed some lights for the night drift meet... had been sourcing around for suitable materials for some easy DIY light buckets for the LEDs to light up the drift car during the night drift meets.

And came across this in the fridge... :D
So, I thought... quickly finished up the grapes and I will have light buckets! :D

Thinking of how to cut....

and trimmed out the light buckets...

Hot glued the light buckets onto the body shell...
I think I would need some training on how to use hot glue! :D

Never fail to be messy every time when using hot glue...
Any tips to share? :D


Drilled 3mm and 5mm holes for the LEDs, installed the light unit and tidied up the cables..

That's it, a quick and simple Poor man's DIY light buckets.... :)


Thanks for looking!
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Rusty Rusty Rusty! Maintenance time! Sort of... :D

Rusty Rusty Rusty! Maintenance time! Sort of... :D

Time to write my diary... :)

Built the AEV Jeep Brute a couple of years back...
Ran it in mud, water, and in sea water at East Coast Park.

Survived all these years until recently, the front axle seems to be stuck....
So, time to open up and take a look....

Look at the wear on the axle case... :P
One of my favourite and most used trucks... I'm sure you can see based on the axle case...


The internals..... rust and mud... mixed with grease from the day it was built....
Seems like the ball bearings gave way... and the little metal balls in the ball bearings came off and got stuck on the gears... hence causing issues on the axle....

Gave it a good scrub to remove most of the mud and most importantly, the little metal balls...

Coated the gears with Marine Grease... this is the same tube that I bought when I started this hobby.... It lasts for years! :D


Everything seems to run smoothly... so... time to reassemble...


And done!

The next maintenance schedule will be when the axle breaks again... :P
Will likely just replace the whole axle the next time round instead of swapping the parts.

Will try it out during the next trail!
Thanks for looking!

Yeah Racing Hackslider Gyro Arrived!

Yeah Racing Hackslider Gyro Arrived!

Installing this little pinky onto my 3Racing Sakura D4 RWD Drift car!
Installation is pretty simple and straightforward.


Just in time for the fortnightly night drift meet!

Thanks for looking!
Keep RC-ing!

[OTA-R31] Universal shaft broke and led to spur gear worn

A little update on my Street Jam OTA-R31 drift car...

During the last drift meet, the steering jammed up after going over the track marker... and spur gear was worn out...

Didn't have tools on site to dismantle the car so managed to find some time to check on it...

Noticed that the front left wheel didn't turn smoothly....
So, opened up the left hub....

Realised that the universal joint broke... which caused the steering arms to get in the way of the spur gear and in turn... worn out the spur gear... :'(

This is the previous set of 48.5mm from Eagle Racing as well...

Here's a close up of the "crack"

This time round, I've ordered 2 sets of the universal shafts in case it breaks again!
No idea why it keeps breaking... could it be due to no servo saver in place to absorb the shock of the wheels going over the track markers?

Sounds possible... maybe I should add a servo saver into the OTA-R31...

Here's how the poor spur gear looks like now... :D


Ordered a spare for this too...

Meanwhile.... the Street Jam OTA-R31 shall take a break while waiting for parts...

Thanks for reading!

[Build Thread] Interiors for Sakura D4 RWD drift car

[Build Thread] Interiors for Sakura D4 RWD drift car

Continued the building up of the Sakura D4 RWD drift car...

Bought this interior some time back in view of setting up a RWD drift car and time has came! :D
Used a right hand drive body for this build

Here are the photos of the interiors

Now to see how i can install the interiors into this body shell.

Test fit...

Next, installing the magnet mount....


Epoxy would be a good choice to glue these magnet holders onto the body shell...


Now test fitting the interior in the body shell...

Paintng completed!

Now to cover up the previous mounting holes on the body shell...

Installing the extronics...
Used a sensored ESC Combo...

Setting up the radio...

Done! Ready for the night drift meets!

Thanks for looking!
Keep RC-ing!