[ 16 Jul 2012 ] SGCrawlers Youtube Channel Updates

[ 16 Jul 2012 ] SGCrawlers Youtube Channel Updates

Its been some months since the updates on our SGCrawlers Channel...
Here's an update... 
Our video channel is at http://youtube.com/MyHonchoSG

We are glad to have first 1,000 subscribers today!
And we have 913,435 video views at the time of posting this. 

Thanks to everyone's support! Smile

Our top 10 videos
3x Axial Wraith 3x Traxxas Summit, Land Rover D90 Clod Buster SCX10 CC01 at Devils backbone
384,812 views 7 months ago

16 Trucks RC Trail Scale Adventures at Devils Backbone Land Rover Defender D90 Axial Wraith Highlift
134,311 views 6 months ago

SG Crawler RC Trail Adventures - 8 Trucks Scaling at Upper Peirce Reservoir - 03 July 2011 (Part 1)
45,149 views 1 year ago

9 Trucks RC Mudding Trail at Chestnut Ave Defender D90 Axial Wraith 6x6 King Hauler Man Honcho
29,916 views 3 months ago

SGCrawlers Scale RC Competition at Woodgrove Ave - 22 May 2011 - RC Trail Adventures
27,769 views 1 year ago

Axial Wraith SCX10 CC10 Hummer Unimog - RC Trail Adventures Mud and Water 18 Sep 11
23,056 views 9 months ago

SGCrawlers Water Trail @ Chestnut Ave - 2x CC01 and 1x SCX10 RC Trail Adventure - 03 Apr 2011
21,763 views 1 year ago

SGCrawlers SCX10 Honcho and Kyosho Rock Force RC Adventure Trail at Woodgrove Avenue - 20 Mar 2011
20,530 views 1 year ago

SG Crawlers at Bt Panjang Plaza RC Event - Auto Drift Challenge - 25 Sep 2011
17,246 views 9 months ago

Axial Wraith Tundra Pajero Honcho Unimog U300 6x6 Timberwolf RC Trail Adventures @ Bangkit Rd
12,908 views 9 months ago

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