[BUILD THREAD] Painting the NQD Jet Boat

Time for some painting!

Will be keeping the hull white and repainting the top.
Masked up the necessary areas and ready for paint!

Used the RJ London anti-corrosion primer that I found inside my store room. Had bought a few some time back during the previous truck builds.

Sprayed a few coats of the primer on the NQD Jet Boat.


Wanted to have a Hot Pinky Jet Boat, but realised that I bought a wrong shade of pink! So ended up, found a can of left over Orange Red Nippon Pylox in the store room and decided to use it. :)


Sprayed a few coats of the Orange Red and then finished off with a few coats of the Nippon Pylox Clear.


Glad I love how it turned out. :) Definitely much better than the light pink that I had bought wrongly! :D

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