9 Trucks Offroading Unimog u300 M35 Custom Axial Wraith Tamiya CC01 scx10 Honcho Hpi Crawler King The Rigs: Unimog, M35 Custom, 3x Wraith, CC01, 2xHoncho, Crawler King The Trail: Chestnut Ave - Butterfly Trail on 13 May 2012 Thanks to the rainy season, the trail is flooded! Lots of mud and water! Check it out! :) Thanks for watching! Add us on Facebook http://Facebook.com/SGCrawlers Visit us at http://SGCrawlers.co.nr and http://MyHoncho.blogspot.com Our youtube Channel http://youtube.com/MyHonchoSG Keep RC-ing!!! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=174u0fhhhiE

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