DIY Metal Links for SCX10 Honcho

Here's another mod that I did some time back.... Metal Links and Metal Steering Links!

What You need...
* Traxxas Revo Rod Ends (Large) - Available on eBay (12pcs pack) - need 2 packs if you want to replace all the links, I ordered 1pack to try, so I only replaced the front and back bottom links, and the steering links, so 1 pack is just nice.
* 4mm Threaded Rods
* Hollow rods to sleeve the threaded rod for a nicer look.

Simply measure the stock plastic links and cut the threaded rod to the required length, cap the threaded rod with the Traxxas Revo Rod ends, and Sleeve it with the hollow plastic rods or stainless steel rods... I used plastic rods, still trying to find time to re-sleeve it with the carbon rod that I bought.

Below are the pictures. :)

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